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We combine Solar technology with the functional ease of Lantern lighting, our highly acclaimed Solar Powered Lanterns may be the best sustainable lighting purchase you have ever made!

World Green Products line of portable Solar LED Lanterns are an innovative addition for your active lifestyle. Our products offer eye popping bright light, long lasting LED illumination, are cost efficient with rechargeable batteries, and keep your mobile world powered with a built in USB port. Used indoors, outdoors or for weather caused emergencies, our Solar Lantern lineup offers the convenience, flexibility, and cost advantages that have made them a preferred choice worldwide. Now is the time to move up to an easier way to power your life!

Thank you for visiting and viewing our product line - we trust you'll agree, these are the the most powerful and highest quality Solar Lanterns available in the marketplace today.

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"Excellent Product, Brightest Battery Lantern Ever! This is by far the brightest and sturdiest battery powered lantern I've ever owned. Period. I have purchased more battery operated, solar powered equipment, than most will probably own in their lifetime. You will not be disappointed you purchased an Ultimate Solar Lantern. Just the best...." - Wan

"I certainly wasn't expecting a reply from the president! Thank you. It's good to know that there are companies out there with that personal touch. A friend from the Congo had requested that I bring him a solar lantern on my upcoming trip. That was the first time it had even occurred to me what a practical thing it could be. My search landed me on your site and I was impressed by what I saw. I'm looking forward to seeing how it performs. The Congo is a brutal place and if it holds up it would make a good testimonial! We are talking daily and primary use. There are only a handful of cities that are on the grid - sad as there is so much hydro electric potential. Kerosene is expensive - and certainly more dangerous. I'll be curious to see what an asset the cell phone charging capacity will be. Thanks again for your gracious reply." - Ron G- Henderson, NE