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Q. What is Solar Power?

Light (including sunlight) is converted into electricity in a process called photovoltaic. Absorbed by the solar cells, light is converted to electricity which is stored in the lantern rechargeable battery. Solar cells accept the full spectrum of light rays including seen as well as unseen (Ultra-violet and Infrared). So yes, the Solar panel will recharge the lantern/light even on cloudy days! 

Q. How to charge the Lantern battery?

Place the glass face of the Solar panel outside facing the sun, it is best if located to a Southern exposure, and  angled toward the sky at approximately 15 degrees. NOTE if placed in a window the amount of time it takes to charge the battery will increase as the glass reduces the charging rate by 40% (the Ultra-Violet and Infrared rays are deflected by the glass). Insert the charging plug on the cable from the Solar panel into the charging connector on the Lantern. You are now powering your Lantern while contributing in carbon reduction and Greenhouse gases!

Q. How long does it take to charge the battery?

It ranges (see model features) 8+ hours of sunlight to fully charge the battery. Even on a cloudy day, the solar panel will recharge the battery but at about half the rate than if it was sunny, (approx. 4+hours longer) to fully charge the battery. 

Q. Does the Solar panel have to be plugged in for the Lantern to operate?

The Solar Panel DOES NOT have to be plugged in to operate the lantern, however, we suggest that if you are not using the Lantern, that it should be plugged into the Solar Panel to keep it fully charged for when you might need it next. The internal controller will regulate the amount of energy the battery will accept, and not allow overcharging.

Q. How long will the battery remain charged?

All World Green Products Solar Lanterns batteries are rechargeable, maintenance free, and will hold power for varying lengths of time. Please view the Features section of a each model for hours of operation details.

Q. LED Stands for Light Emitting Diode

It is a sold-state semiconductor device that can convert electrical energy directly into visible light with reduced heat generation or energy dissipation. Additionally, its solid-state nature provides for greater resistance to shock, vibration and wear which increases its lifespan significantly. Our LEDs are rated to operate for 100,000 hours.

Q. How does the USB Port work?

The power stored in the lanterns battery will charge your cell phone, MP3, GPS, radio  or other 5V mobile device. Simply insert the lead plug from your device into the USB port on the body of the lantern. As long as the battery has stored power, it will send that energy to your connected mobile device.